Monday, September 27, 2010

Kamusta po,

My companion and I have had a really good week of work. We were working in one area when my companion decided to knock a house that we had already knocked a few months ago and they wanted nothing to do with us. My companion talked to them and they let us in. They are now one of our progressing investigators and they really enjoy hearing about the gospel. It's crazy that three months ago they wouldn't listen to a word we said, but now you can see that the Lord has prepared them and now they are very receptive. I got to teach some guys from Africa but they don't speak Tagalog so we got to use English. At first, my companion and I really struggled to speak but we got used to the English after a bit. Because it was in English, I was able to use a lot more eloquent words and give better explanations; however, they weren't willing to listen to the spirit so nothing came of the lesson with them. Even with our amazing English, we couldn't touch them because they weren't willing to listen to the spirit.

We had a musical fireside for our investigators and recent converts. There weren’t any talks, just the missionaries singing and special performances from elders and sisters. But the spirit was really strong as we sang, and I think it testified to a lot of people the truthfulness of this gospel.

Every once in a while, our bishop will feed our apartment of elders and he'll feed us whatever we want. One of the elders told the bishop that he really misses American hamburgers; so the bishop took us out to Wendy's for a real hamburger :) The only problem was our stomachs aren't used to that kind of food anymore. We were so excited to eat there but another elder and I almost threw up after eating. I think I might just go back to eating rice...Love you all.

Love, Elder Smith

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