Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello everyone,

We have had a really busy week with interviews, Temple trips, and Zone Conference but it's also been a very spiritual week for me. We have a new thing we are doing for our investigators every other week. Our President has decided that we should take our investigators to the Temple because the spirit is so strong there. We walk around the Temple and listen to little presentations from other missionaries about Temples and eternal families. We had an investigator go with us and she enjoyed it so much and felt the spirit so strong that she has already given names of family members to the Temple and she is set on going there as soon as possible.

This week, we had a guy come to church that we had never met before. After talking with him, we found out that he saw us on a jeepney and decided to try coming to our church. The Lord brought him right to us and now he is very interested in the gospel. He told us of an experience he had a few years ago when he almost died from appendicitis. He said he laid there with a really high fever just waiting to die; then he saw three white men dressed in white come and heal him. He is convinced that the three men came from the Lord but he has been searching; trying to find out why he is still alive. We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he wants all the promised blessings of this gospel.

It’s amazing seeing people realize the real purpose of this life and seeing them coming unto the Lord. Thank you all for your letters and prayers for me; especially in doing the Lord's work.

Love, Elder Smith

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