Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi everyone,

These past few days have gone by really fast but they have been really good. We got to do a little service project for a member which was really fun (even though it was yard work). We did the regular stuff like pulling weeds, but they also had a lot of old banana trees in their yard that needed to be cut down. They gave us a few machetes and we went to work :) As you can imagine, 18 elders can have a pretty good time with machetes and something that needs to be destroyed... I'll leave it at that. Today for our P-Day, we went out to Alfanso Falls for a zone activity. This was my second time going there but it’s always fun to go out to the province and hike around in the jungle; it's a little different than Pasco :)

On Friday, we had one of the teaching assistants come and work with us to help us improve our teaching skills and know how to better follow the spirit. We only got to work with him that one day but I learned a lot and it was really fun. He really helped me to see how important the spirit is in the conversion process. Of course we always strive to have the spirit, but the teaching assistant taught us how we can better recognize His promptings. As we worked, I could see the difference in our lessons and how much more effective the lessons were when the spirit was the one teaching. I know we are very blessed to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost; and if we strive to listen to His promptings, we will be greatly blessed.

Love, Elder Smith

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