Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey everyone,

This has been a really busy week. I baptized someone on Saturday; he is 86 years old and he has a really strong testimony. When I pulled him out of the water he just stood there. Then he started telling me how grateful he was. Later, he said to me "Thank you for the blessings you have brought to my spirit." It was amazing! Knowing that I am doing the Lord's work and seeing the joy it has brought into his life. He seems so much happier since his baptism. After he was confirmed he went out working with us.

I got to teach the German man again. It's fun speaking in English. At one point he started saying things like "I just don’t know how some of these things can be true" or "People sometimes just believe not really know." As he was saying this, my mind was filled with exactly what I should say, and when I said it he knew I was right and said that I had a really good point. It was amazing! It was just like the Lord said, if we treasure up His word He will give it to us in the very hour that we need it. That is truly what happened to me. I can't remember exactly what I said but I remember the feeling and I know it was directed by the spirit.

I also got a new companion today. He seems really good; he goes home in 4 months but I'm excited to work with him. I love you all and hope all is well.

Love, Elder Smith

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello everyone,

Things have been good here, but not much has happened since my last letter though. The work is good at times but goes down at other times. We find people and they seem great and want to learn more but then they stop wanting to hear us. I don't know why but we are doing our best. I got to teach that German guy again. It was so awesome being able to say everything I wanted to. When we found him he told us not to get our hopes up, but some of the things we said really got to him I think. I think the spirit really testified to him about what we were saying; it was great.

Other than that not too much has happened this week. I'm just trying to continue to learn the language. I've been praying a lot about it and working hard and I'm blessed for it. There is sooooo much love in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even in the worst circumstances we know we have a loving Heavenly Father and can find peace and joy in Him. I love you all and want you to know that I know this is the Lord's true church upon the earth.

Love, Elder Smith

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey everyone,

It has been a busy week. We have had interviews with the zone leaders and President Howard. President Howard said there is a really good chance I'm staying here and will get a follow-up trainer. It's not set in stone but there's a really good chance that's what will happen. He also gave me permission to have a little keyboard to practice piano on. There isn't a lot of time to practice but 30 minutes every night before bed is good enough for me. It's really nice ending the day with a few hymns.

My companion and I went to a new part of our area this week. No one has been there in a long time. The first house we went to I started talking to him in Tagalog then my companion said to me "He is speaking English." I didn't even realize it; I tried to talk in English but I didn't know what to say. In Tagalog, I say "Maarri Makipagkilala" (can we have the ability to meet you) but that makes no sense in English so I was kind of lost for words; It was pretty funny. He is German but has lived in the Philippines for about 15 years. I've met so many people that aren't Filipino.

We also went to the Temple today; It was great! I love going to the Temple and forgetting about everything else for a while. It's so calming having the spirit and being in the house of the Lord. I'm so grateful to be a member of this true church. I see blessings from this gospel everyday. It's really sad seeing people without it. It has brought so much joy to my life.

Thank you all for your letters; I love you all.

Love, Elder Smith

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

New year's was good. We did the same thing for new year's that we did for Christmas. We even got to see people setting off fireworks. We had to be in the zone leader's house by 6:00p.m. because it's too dangerous to be out working on new year's. There aren't any laws here about fireworks so a lot of little kids are in the streets playing with them.

Today for p-day we went with two other zones on a hike through the wilderness to a waterfall. It was really cool; I'll have to get you guys some pictures. We have been working a lot this week. It's been really hot but we keep working and we have found more people to teach. It's amazing to be teaching and have the spirit testify to them even though what I'm saying isn't perfect. Thank you all for your prayers; I have really been blessed out here. My testimony becomes stronger every day, and I know that this is the Lord's true church. I love this gospel, and it has blessed me so much and continues to bless me every day; I know it is true.

I'm glad to hear you are all doing well. I pray for you every day and hope the best for you; love you all.

Love, Elder Smith