Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello everyone,

Time is going by really fast; I can't believe this transfer will be over in a week. The work here is moving forward but of course we hit some bumps on the way. We have some great investigators that believe everything we say but they say they aren't sure if they would ever be baptized into the church, because they are Catholic and that’s the church of their parents. To me, that doesn't really matter if they know this is the true church of God. Satan really uses whatever he can to stop the progression of the Lord's children; it’s really sad when he succeeds. Despite the many attempts by Satan to stop this work, we have a lot of success.

I had a really good experience this week by following the spirit. We were at one of our regular appointments and were about to teach our planned lesson but as we talked to the mother, she told us that there is a "problem" in her family. We didn't know what kind of problem but as directed by the spirit, we decided she needed to hear another message but had no idea what to teach. I opened my Book of Mormon to a random page and read one verse to myself. It was the first verse I read but I felt it was exactly what they needed to hear. We read it with her and shared a brief message about putting our faith in the Lord and he will support us in all our trials. The mother was crying at the end of the lesson and I knew that the spirit had testified of the truthfulness of our message to her. The next day at church she stayed all three hours; something she had never done before.

I am so grateful for the spirit in our lives and for its influence and guidance to bless us and help us bless others.

Love, Elder Smith

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