Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hey everyone,

Kamusta po kayo? (Guess what finally happened?) After 7 months, I finally got transferred and became a senior. When we got the transfer announcements, the Assistant to the President wrote "Elder Smith will finally transfer." I'm now in Bacoor, Cavite, which is more city but not like Manila or anything big but we actually have stores here... I think. There are places called "squatters areas" where people just sit there doing nothing all day; basically like there is no point to life. It's going to be different but fun. I realized how blessed I was with my last apartment. In my last house, we had a hose with a shower head to shower with, but in this house we only have a bucket and our toilet doesn't flush; it's basically just a circle and you dump a bucket of water in it to get it to flush. It's pretty cool here though.

My companion seems really great. He is Filipino which is good because I can't talk to him in English so I feel like it's already helping my language. And it's also good in case I don't understand an investigator, he can help me. I'm really excited to start working in our area. I really don't have any idea what to expect but we had a really good transfer meeting and I know that it is the Lord who is directing this work. As long as I'm obedient and doing my best, I know the Lord will do the rest. It really is amazing to me how much the Lord has helped me in the language and how much He guides His work everyday. I love being able to share the gospel every day and know that it is the Lord's work that I am doing.

Love, Elder Smith

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