Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey everyone,

This week was pretty normal until Sunday. First, we had district conference and Elder Sinamban of the area 70 came; he was really good. One of my favorite parts was when we had a meeting for the new members. He was explaining how they can stay active and go to the Temple. He called up one of our recent converts and told him he needs to go on a mission. This is exactly what we are trying to get him to do. He later called up a couple in our branch who have been inactive for 10 months. My companion and I had just met them a few days before and were trying to get them back to church. They came to the district conference and Elder Sinamban told them they needed to be active in the church if they wanted to be together forever. He said exactly what they needed to hear even though we never told him about them.

After the conference, we were asked to give a blessing to a man in the hospital who was in a coma. I'd never seen him before and I didn't know what had happened to him, but I was asked to give him a blessing. I realized how important it is to follow the spirit and be worthy of the spirit at all times. President Eyring gave a talk about how we must always be worthy to use the Priesthood because we never know when the time will come that we will be asked to use it.

The last thing that happened occurred in our last lesson Sunday night. We were teaching my favorite family about baptism. While teaching, the mother started crying and we asked what her feelings were and she said masaya (happy). It is an amazing feeling to see people accepting the gospel and realizing its truth. I love the gospel and the many blessings it brings to us. I know this is the true church and that the Lord does have a plan for each one of us.

I love you all and you are in my prayers.

Love, Elder Smith

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