Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello everyone,

We had transfers this week. Thirteen new elders are coming from the MTC, that means 190 missionaries in this mission... It's huge! Nothing changed here though, but I'm happy with that. I like my companion and I feel like there is something we really need to do together in this area. We got a new elder in my apartment though. He was my zone leader in the MTC for a few weeks but left before me; I really like him. We were talking and we think I may have worked with his cousin in Washington when I went on that one week mini-mission. When I first got here, I was the only white elder in the apartment but now there is only one Filipino. That probably means we will only eat a little rice now :)

Sorry this letter is way short; not a ton has happened. We are working hard and we have really high hopes for some of the people here and their families. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and letters. You are in my prayers; I'm so glad we can pray to the Lord and receive answers to our concerns and have protection. I know this is the Lord's true church and His work. It's great being able to share it everyday!

Love, Elder Smith

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