Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well it's been a crazy, busy week. We have been working a lot (like always). I can't believe I'm already done with one transfer. I'm still in the same area and with the same companion.

So I had some crazy food this week. 1) Fresh squid from the ocean 2) Wasabi, some stuff you put on sushi that is super hot! (the elders didn't tell me it was hot). 3) Monkey :) We went to a member's house and they started feeding us. I knew something was up when they were all staring at me, then the mom said "it's monkey" Crazy! It was actually pretty good.

Well we don't get much of a Christmas here, but we got to bring Christmas to some orphans. We went and sang at an orphanage as a zone. I've never seen anyone as grateful as these little kids were. They wouldn't let us leave after we were done singing. They all came up and started hugging us. It really reminded me of what Christmas is really about and the love that Jesus Christ has for us. I hope you all remember how blessed we are for what He has done for each of us. We would have nothing and receive nothing if it wasn't for Him.

I love you all!

Love, Elder Smith

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