Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey everyone,

It’s been a good week as always. We had a few set backs with some investigators who are supposed to get baptized on Saturday. One of our investigators hasn't had a job for a few months now, but he really wants to be baptized so he comes to church every week. We went to his house on Friday to make sure he would be ready for the interview on Saturday but he was gone. He got a job at some place about 2-3 hours away; we don't even know when he will come back or if he will. The Lord has been blessing him as he was preparing for baptism but then a week before it gets messed up. That just shows how Satan will try to stop people from doing what’s right. But despite that, a lot of good things are still happening for us.

We were walking to an appointment when I saw a guy, Rome, and was prompted to talk to him. I have really high hopes for him. As we taught him, he told us he wants to find the true church but isn't sure how to know which one is true. Then in his prayer, he thanked the Lord for us being there and asked the Lord to bring him the truth. It is so amazing how the Lord guides this work and that He leads us right to the people we need to speak to.

My area is a little backwards as for people going to church. Usually we teach a lot but they don't make it to church. In this ward, we have people that have been going to church (some for months), know it's true, and want to be baptized, but are just too busy to have us come to their house. We were finally able to talk to one of these people at their house and she accepted a baptismal date the first time we taught her. All I have to say is it is great serving the Lord!

Love, Elder Smith

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