Monday, June 28, 2010

Kamusto po kayo lahat,

Things are great; we had a baptism this Saturday and we have about five people we are really hoping will be ready for baptism this July. The girl that was baptized on Saturday is 13 years old and the only investigator in her family. We invited both her parents to the baptism and her mom actually came. After the baptism, we were saying goodbye to them and you could tell that she had been crying. It’s great seeing the spirit testifying to people even though they don’t listen to us. We are hoping to be able to start teaching her and her husband now.

There is a problem in the Philippines with inappropriate calendars on peoples' walls. Alcohol and cigarette companies give them out free so they are everywhere. Sadly, they sometimes get into members' homes. We were at a member’s house that had one proudly displayed in their front room. I couldn’t stand seeing it so I asked them why they had it and they didn’t know why. I asked if we could rip it up and throw it away. They let us and then took us through the rest of their house to make sure there weren’t any more. It’s kind of cool; you can be bold and they don’t get offended because you are a missionary.

Well that’s my week. Lots of work and lots of rain, and we haven’t even had a storm yet. Thank you for all your letters.

Love, Elder Smith

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