Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey everyone!

Not too much going on this week again. Not a lot changes in the MTC. It's like going to school all day long, plus the spirit. The language is going alright but it seems like my progress is slowing down which worries me, because in a week and a half I have to teach the restoration in Tagalog. It's really nice having people come and talk to us two times a week because it helps bring the spirit and helps us work harder. My testimony is growing everyday and I'm trying to become better each day. One thing I didn't like about this week was that a bunch of missionaries going to the Philippines got to leave. Everyone else doesn't like it either because we still have six weeks left. A few new Philippines missionaries came, one of who gets to leave in three weeks because he was born in the Philippines.

Some people in my building just down the hall got really sick. Some even got put into a room by themselves for two days. My whole district has gotten sick but luckily not very bad. Other than that, nothing new has been happening. I hope everything is well at home.

Love, Elder Smith

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