Monday, September 21, 2009

Well this letter is going to be pretty short. P-day went really fast so I don't have time to write much. This week has been pretty good. On Thursday I had my language task and I didn't feel prepared for it at all but the Lord really blessed me and I actually did ok. I still have trouble with the language, but I know the Lord is blessing me and I will learn it. Just like Nephi said, the Lord doesn't give us a commandement unless He gives us a way to accomplish it. The best part of the week was Tuesday's devotional. For some reason everyone could feel that something special was coming that day. Sure enough Jeffery R. Holland came to speak. It was so cool! Everyone stood up when he walked in and the spirit became so strong just by him coming in. He gave a great talk and it really inspired a lot of missionaries to start working harder, me included. Other than that, just classes and studying. I hope everyone is well.

Love, Elder Smith

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