Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tapos na ang isa pang Linggo!

We got to see some pretty awesome stuff happen this week. Early Saturday morning, my companion and I got to go to the temple to an endowment of the first person I saw baptized, Linda Bidbid. I got really close to her and her family way back in my first area and she was finally able to go through the temple. It was really awesome for me to see them again and see how much she has grown in the gospel. I was really excited when I saw her baptized, but it was an even better feeling when I got to see her in the temple.

Right after we had finished at the temple, we rushed home for a baptism of our investigator, Genesis. Genesis is an awesome kid that has been going to church for six months now! He doesn't have any problems with the word of wisdom or anything else and he really wanted to be baptized but is dad wouldn't ever allow it. His dad is always busy at work too so we can't ever teach him and encourage him to let his son be baptized. My companion told Genesis that he just needed to pray every day that his dad would let him be baptized, and that’s what Genesis did. One day Genesis just asked his dad if it would be okay for him to be baptized and his dad said yes. To make things even better, his dad come to the baptism and I really think he felt the spirit. Hopefully his dad will find time to come to church or let us teach him or something.

I'd just like to point out how blessed we are back home to have members that are willing to speak in church. Last Sunday, I was asked to give a testimony in church because I was the new elder in the ward. So when the 1st counselor was looking for a replacement speaker this Sunday, I thought I was off the hook. They had no speaker for sacrament meeting so 30 minutes before we started, they decided to invite me to speak for 15 minutes. Of course I said yes and did my best to follow the spirit and give a talk for people I don't even know. But the spirit knows everything so it actually turned out really good.

It’s been a fast week but a good one. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and letters. I love you all.

Love, Elder Smith

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