Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello everyone,

Another week has already ended! It feels like I just emailed two days ago but now it's time to email again. This week I think I witnessed the healing of the sick. If you remember, my companion had to have an in-grown toenail removed last week. I watched them remove the nail and it looked pretty gross after she cut half of his toenail off. We were told that he would probably be up all night in pain and that he shouldn't work for the next three days. They gave him a little pain medicine but only enough for two days. By the end of the night, his toe was starting to hurt him pretty bad, and we have one thing that the doctor didn't know about; the priesthood.

Before the removal of my companion’s toenail, another doctor in our ward and I gave my companion a priesthood blessing. My companion slept the whole night without any pain in his toe. He had a little pain while we worked the next day but not very bad. They said he wouldn't be able to work for three days but we were out and working the very next day. That night he needed to change some of the gauze so I got my camera for evidence of his disgusting toe, but when he took off the bandage, I could barely tell that something had even happened to him. My companion never had to finish his pain medicine and by the second day his toe looked like normal. I have no idea how it healed so fast other than that the Lord had blessed him after we gave him a priesthood blessing. It was pretty cool to see.

We finally got to watch conference this week and it was way awesome. I loved all the talks and seeing how I can improve myself to better help the kingdom of God here on earth. I also really enjoyed the priesthood session about being a better priesthood holder and how big of a responsibility it is for us. Being on a mission, I’ve really learned to value the words of a living prophet. About 90% of the people we come in contact with say “it’s all one god, it doesn’t matter where or how you worship him.” Looking at some of the crazy ways they worship, I’m grateful for a prophet that tells us what we really should be doing as followers of Christ; not just following the false teachings of man. Like Elder Holland said, they are all angelic messengers of the Lord. We really are blessed.

Love, Elder Smith

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