Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey everyone,

This week has been really good with conference. It's such a great opportunity to hear the words of the Lord's living prophet and apostles. It was great when they were all talking about families; it was a really good spiritual lift and has helped me to work harder. I learned so much in conference and I know that the people who spoke were directed by the Lord.

The work here is great and the Lord is really helping us in His work. He has also been blessing me a great amount with this language. It's amazing how He helps me do His work and communicate in a language I really don't know. The Lord is really preparing the people and He is leading us to them.

I had an interesting experience one night. We were all getting ready for bed and all the lights were off and all I had left to do for the night was say my prayers and go to bed. I knelt down to pray like I do every night but I couldn't get myself to say anything. I was trying but I literally couldn't pray. I couldn't figure out why so I just sat there pondering what could be stopping me from praying. The thought came to me to go brush my teeth. I thought that was weird and didn't know how I had even forgotten that. I figured I might as well and as I was brushing my teeth the thought came to me " check the door." I thought this was a weird thing to think as well. I checked the door following the impression and saw that the door was unlocked. I later found out that another elder had had the same impression. It's amazing how the Lord watches over us and protects us and guides us by the spirit.

I'm so grateful for this gospel in my life and the many blessing which it brings to me. Everyday the Lord strengthens my testimony and brings me closer to Him. I know that this is the Lord's true church that was restored here on the earth through His prophet Joseph Smith. Thank you for all your letters and prayers.

Love, Elder Smith

p.s. A quick random thing: An elder and I believe we have found evidence of dinosaurs in the Bible. In Genesis, it says that giants try to kill Noah... We concluded that Noah would never take something on the ark that wanted to kill him so they all drowned in the flood :)

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