Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello everyone,

It's been a really busy week for me; being the end of the transfer. I went up to the new area that was just opened called Taytay to do exchanges with the elders there. We had a pretty good day of work up there and found a lot of people that will hopefully accept the gospel. We had been trying to find people in one area but had no success and it didn't feel like the spirit was there so we decided to leave. When we were leaving that area, we passed by a house that we wouldn't have passed if we hadn't been leaving. We found two families there which were both interested in the gospel and finding out why we are really here on earth.

We also found some people that weren't interested except to try and argue their point. I had a really cool experience talking with one in particular. She was telling us that we don't have to do anything in this life to be "saved." She said all we have to do it say we accept Christ. I showed her the scripture that says "faith without works is dead" but she said that doesn't apply to us. She explained that we should only use scriptures that are written to us and we can't use the book of James because it was only written to the tribe of Israel. She said to me, "you aren't of the tribe of Israel so it doesn't apply to you." The spirit hit me REALLY hard as I said in reply, "No, I'm from the tripe of Ephraim." The whole atmosphere changed after I said that and she knew that I wasn't joking. The conversation itself didn't go too far, but I received a personal witness from the spirit of my lineage. We really are blessed as members to have the Lord reveal things to us.

In other news, I got transferred to Puerto which is still on Palawan. My new companion is Elder Smith... Yeah people are already making jokes about us. I just can't wait to find a new investigator and say "Hi I'm Elder Smith, this is my companion Elder Smith and we want to tell you about Joseph Smith." People are going to start thinking they have to change their name to Smith after they get baptized. I loved my district and being able to teach and stewardship them so I'm kind of sad I won't get to be as close to my district now. But I'm excited for this transfer, the new changes, and the work we are going to do here.

Love, Elder Smith

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