Monday, August 30, 2010

Kamusta po sa inyo lahat,

We've been having a really good transfer so far. My companion and I are getting along great and have set some really good goals to help build the Lord's kingdom in this area. We talked to our bishop and he is helping us too. We are really focusing on getting referrals from members because we will "knock" houses all day but they hardly ever progress (we don't really knock on doors however, we yell "tao po" at the door until they open it). I never realized the importance of members in missionary work until now; they are so important! Our goal in getting members to like us and give us referrals is by eating their food :) That sounds bad, but we are trying to serve the members and love them so they will love us and realize they can trust us with their friends and family.

The Lord is helping us a lot. We had two people show up to church with a member, so we asked if they would allow us to teach them. I wasn't very familiar with the area of their home but we tried finding it after church. Finding homes here is a lot harder then finding a home in America. A lot of times, there are no street names or numbers. Your best bet is just to ask random people if they know where the person lives. I was certain how to get about half way, but beyond that point I wasn't sure where to go. Right when we got the point that I didn't know, we saw the two people who came to church walking down the street. Out of the hundreds of people on the street and at just the right time, we ran into them and they showed us the rest of the way to their home. I know this church is true and that it is the Lord who is guiding it.

Love, Elder Smith

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