Monday, June 27, 2011

Kamusta kayo doon!

We've had a pretty crazy week and this coming week is going to be pretty crazy too, but that's just the life of a missionary. This week we had zone conference which was pretty good. We talked about the talents and gifts that our Heavenly Father has given to us and how we can use those to be better missionaries. It's pretty cool to look at all the gifts we have both the temporal and the spiritual ones; we are really blessed.

In our discussion as a zone, I had each missionary tell their companion a talent that they've seen them use in helping share the gospel. My companion said I always change my tone of voice depending on the person I'm talking to (like if they are a child, adult, or an older person). I didn't know I did that but I've realized that the Lord has blessed us with a ton of little gifts; many that we don't even realize we have and we should use them to help us do His work.

During zone conference, President Howard gave each missionary a blessing because this is his last week here. I can't believe he is going home already. He is a really funny guy and is always pumped about missionary work. It's going to be a big change when he leaves.

As for some good news, the bishop called a new WARD MISSION LEADER!!! YAY!!! I had my first official correlation with the ward mission leader and ward missionaries this Sunday. In all of my areas, there hasn't been a ward/branch mission leader so we would just talk to the bishop about our work, but he is so busy there is only so much he can do for us. They called a ward mission leader when I first got here, but he went inactive the next week :( (yeah it's kind of rough sometimes).

The new ward mission leader seems pretty good. He called me this morning and said he had two referrals for us; not bad for one day of work. Thank you for all your letters. Mahal ko kayo lahat and you are in my prayers :)

Love, Elder Smith

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